fima at Focus on PCB 2023

This year fima will take part at  "Focus on PCB"  2023, the Italian Fair of PCBs.
Come visit us in Vicenza on May 17-18 at pavilion 1, Stand 114

(Investment 2023) New SOLDER DEVELOPMENT Machine

Fima doubles up with the purchase of another Wise machine! This time with the objective to improve solder development.
The Solderstar will let us achive better results, thanks to its improved technology letting us obtain a perfect definition and a uniform coverage of the solder on the PCB.

(Investment 2023) New SURFACE TREATMENT Machine

Fima wants to improve it's surface treatment department with a new Wise machine.
The Chemstar Ultraflex is a new machine that will allow us to get even better results
thanks to the newly improved motorization system that will minimize eventual drag out of the PCB
and will prevents panel bending issues, ensuring a very smooth end result.

fima at electronica 2022

This year fima took part at  "Electronica"  2022, the international Trade Fair for Electronic Components.

(Investment 2022) New ROUTING Machine

The routing machine family gets bigger!
Fima wants to improve its milling department with one of the newest Routing Machine on the market.
The "C2" Machine by Pluritec will let us raise our product quality thanks to an improved accuracy and speed of the linear motor that drives all axis and  2 independent heads each with its dedicated motor.

(Investment 2021) New DRILLING Machine

In order to enhance the drilling department, Fima decided to invest in the new Inspecta Combo by Pluritec.
The highest accuracy and stability in combination to maximum versatility and flexibility together with the patented �One Step X-Ray drilling & Routing� function will let us provide you top quality products.
This new function allows the machine to perform local images targets detection deformation compensation (linear and non-linear rotation) and direct drilling or routing on your job with the best possible annular ring.

(Investment 2019) New ELECTRICAL TEST Machine

Having focused his production to prototypes and high technological level, fima was looking for an electrical machine tester able to satisfy both requirements. Because of its flexibility ATG A7 matches these needs. Its Speed, a big tester area, multiple parallel loading, and its already known precision make of this machine the right choice for the development of its electrical test department.

fima at electronica 2018

Also this year Fima took part at  �Electronica�,   the 28th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications, in Munich, Germany. Fima has shown all the new investments made this year. They have been focused on increasing quality, productivity and technology.

(Investment 2018) New AOI Machine

In order to increase the AOI department throughput, fima decided to increase its available machine number buying an Orbotech AOI of  Fusion series. Fusion is able to inspect a panel using multiple light sources only in one scan for unparalleled detection accuracy. Designed for high-end HDI and MLB applications, Fusion matches exactly fima's technological requirements.

(Investment 2018) New DI Machine

Taking evident advantage from its continuous investments process, Fima decided to improve its printing department, inserting in the production flow a new direct imaging machine. It is an APOLLON of Printprocess company. Its versatility gives Fima the possibility to print solder mask as well as inner layers or outer layers with a very high precision. The simple tooling and the automatic loader and unloader increase significantly Fima's productivity in this fundamental department.

(Investment 2017) New ITC Holes Plugging Machine

Fima keeps improving with its latest investment: the new Double Plugging Machine represents another step forward in PCB manufacturing, with an innovative hole plugging process. Fima is now capable to apply conductive and non-conductive paste with a special designed process that makes it possible to avoid the formation of air bubbles in the holes. A whole new level of working is also granted thanks to the 5kg capacity of the storage container. The possibility to work on both stations simultaneously although using two different programs, ensuring high quality even without renouncing to high speed production.

(Investment 2017) New Galvanic System

In the perspective of improving the galvanic processes and assuring working continuity Fima decided to implement a new galvanic system. Its total automation, the vibration systems and the floating bars are just some of the peculiarities that mark this machinery, that assures also a special consideration to the operator's safety: Caoduro Galvanic System pays in fact particular attention to the surrounding working environment.

(Investment 2017) New Base Material Automatic Magazine

In order to optimize its productive process Fima focused on an aspect that is too often considered of secondary importance, logistics. That is the reason why a new automatic magazine has been implemented: Fast, accurate and practical, the new Vertimag Bertello has significantly affected the production timing, simplifying the stocking of laminated base materials.

(Investment 2016) New Routing Machine With Automatic Optical Alignment

Fima never stops its investments.
Thanks to a recently installed milling machine, it is now possible to mill PCBs with automatic alignment driven by a CCD camera: this way FIMA guarantees to satisfy tightest dimensional tolerances. This equipment makes it also possible to carry out Z-axis controlled counterbores with a still unbeaten precision of +/-10 �m.

(Investment 2016) New Laser Drilling Machine 'Nanoflex UV Drilling System'

Innovation, advanced technology and focused investments play today a key role in the strategy of each company. Fima considers them as a base to assure a smart organization that satisfies the requirements of an innovative market .
In this strategy Fima has achieved a significant result by purchasing the new LASER DRILL MACHINE, so improving its competitive value in the production�s capability of high technology PCB�s.
A little step in our strategy a great step in your technology.

(Investment 2016) New Three Guns Air Spray Machine for solder mask

Beside our green solder mask line, a second air spray machine is available to deposit colored solder masks: with three different guns and three separated hydraulic circuits , this equipment allows us to spray colored solder mask (white, black, red, blue, yellow �) without interfering with the normal production.

ISO 26000:2010

Even when the world economy proves itself far from favourable, Fima perseveres in its step forward in investment and innovation by paying due attention to aspects often wrongly considered less important. With great satisfaction we disclose that ECOVADIS and SCHNEIDER acknowledged that Fima works in respect of the policy ISO 26000:2010 on the Social Resposability of the Organizations (Environment, Safe working practices, Fair trade practices, Sustainability).

fima preferred supplier

For the second time the french international group SCHNEIDER Electric officially recognized Fima as the best supplier of the year. This feedback is based on quality, timing and efficiency in communication. Our quality system daily puts its efforts to satisfy our customers� requests. FIMA is very proud to receive this reward in a competition where also bigger and internationally renowned companies take place. FIMA is a perfect demonstration that the dimensions of a company are not directly proportional to its technological and qualitative efficiency.

Internship in fima

Since this year Fima has decided to use the new regulatory instruments to combine education and work. Fima gives high-school graduates with a technical education or experience the opportunity to join our team. The possibility to work in Fima allows young students with no or little working experience to get familiar with the dynamics of an industrial productive reality, which is becoming increasingly international.

fima at electronica 2014

Fima took part at the 26th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications last November 2014, in Munich, Germany. Even in this edition Fima showed its experience to players from all over Europe. Our company is able to combine high quality products, technology and flexibility thanks to its relatively small dimensions.